Canada can teach us about more than Brexit treaties

Some Brexiteers are encouraging us to look towards Canada for the model of a possible treaty with the EU. On Monday the new Secretary of State for Health also pointed to Canada with some real lessons about smoking cessation. In particular hospitals there use the time when smokers are inpatients in hospital to surround them with smoking cessation services. This succeeds in getting behavioural change at a time when smokers are particularly worried about their health.

Most English hospitals are some way off of having the motivation and the capacity to do this. If he is to move beyond exhortation the Secretary of State needs to suggest a mechanism which would encourage hospitals to achieve this. A tariff that linked finding out whether inpatients smoked to finding out if they stopped might have some impact.

Back in July I posted about smoking cessation at some length – including my advice to look at Canada’s efforts. I’m not sure if the Secretary of State read it then but should he wish to do so now it’s still available here.