NHS – What do we need to change and how might we do it?

A brief recap.

Over the next few weeks I plan to discuss some of the important changes in NHS and linked public services practice that we will need to achieve in the next few years, and try to demonstrate how the six elements of change I outlined last week might be applied to each.

These were to,

    • Persuade people to change the work practices that they are used to (and have often been taught).
    • Develop and use an overarching narrative for the change.
    • Think about spreading the changes from the beginning.
    • Develop alternative financial incentives.
    • Make sure you have the skill sets needed in place if the plan is to save money from the change.
    • Work through the unintended consequences that always happen in complex systems.

Beginning with an examination of the problematic “skill mix” debate I will consider how the processes outlined above might be applied to a number of topics.

(Each topic will be also be added to the somewhat ambitious new category called “How to Change the NHS” to make them easier to find.)

First post follows later today!